How to install Windows XP SP3 properly

How to install Windows XP SP3 properly

In this article I want to talk a little bit about how to install Windows XP SP3. Yes, even in such seemingly simple topic is weight issues and pitfalls. In connection with the great popularity of the topic, the article has a code number v2.5, since 80% of processing undergone by the requests to tudjashhihsja 10000 render this material and then processing after 220 000000 Viewer. I reviewed the main difficulties arise during the installation, but I did not consider the little things like “where to buy the drive with the wind” or “what do I press when a pops up license agreement”, etc., I hope to have your gumption and self-sufficiency.

How to install windows 8 as well as how to install windows 7, you can read there.

Why is my article called “how to correctly install Windows XP SP3”? Because I quite often make sure that even in this issue of people encounter errors, and as a result have misaligned windows product key free installed, which is constantly throwing out buggy, blue screens of death, and a variety of errors, and then slowly dies with loss of valuable information.

So, in order to properly install Windows XP SP3, we need: find the installation disk with this version of Windows, currently SP3 service pack 3 is the last Service Pack Windows vulnerabilities, which included Internet explorer 8 and Windows media player 11.

SP3 is integrated in windows XP automatically, i.e. normally set it apart is not necessary, just install Windows with the instaljacionnogo disk.

Why do we need windows XP SP3?
Because, this is the latest creation of Bill Gates, who has an overlay of all detected vulnerabilities currently provides the greatest performance in the system, as well as games, plus a huge number of various tweaks that will make windows of this candy, so it cannot be distinguished from win 7 or vista.

Why doesn’t windows Vista?
Vista is pleased with the tormoznutaja system, and I would not recommend her to put even on fairly powerful computers, microsoft windows 10 key cheap because even for them it works much slower than XP.

Why isn’t Windows 7?
The ethical question, since now most goes to windows 7. However, it is still demanding to iron, especially to operativke is from 1 Gb. That is, if you have enough under xp 1 Giga RAM, seven you need under those same needs two. Plus office computers need specific programs that work properly only on windows xp.

Proceed to the installation process. I have to say there are two ways — one for a lazy, two clicks and you’re worth, or longer, but no less effective. You understand that winning the speed you can play something different, bugs, again blue screens or unstable.


Put them more than once and not even 10, and much more, and I can say that the Assembly is quite stable and neubivajushhiesja, while watching what hands are willing for this. Again, with a different, microsoft windows key finder especially old iron driver-level collisions, resulting in an Assembly can properly do not stand up, but you will save time, and if you don’t have the driver disk from the computer, and do not utruzhdaete yourself finding the drivers.

The advantages of this method is that you almost don’t have conflicts when installing, install the native driver, and Windows runs on more stable order. Disadvantages of the method of intensity process.

Actually here and begins the story of how

Way number one — how to correctly install windows XP SP3
1.1 Find disk with the Assembly. Where can I find a lot of options-buy in the store, ask friends and acquaintances ICU Admins, download from the Internet. I recommend to put sanbuild, she is quite proficient, plus there are qualitative drivers Park (where did you install the drivers for your computer hardware). You can also put reanimator EE, but there’s a more complicated installation process. In the easy setup microsoft windows key generator process Zvercd, there a lot of styrennogo (i.e. broken software, never stroked on the back), but lately it generates too many glitches, so editors ‘ choice-in conjunction with sanbuild zvercd for package installation programs.

1.2 Keep important information from disk: hard disk partition to another, for example, from your desktop and my documents is described in detail in my article-save important information. It is also possible to any configuration for programs from the program files directory. Many programs like the bat, opera and so save its configuration, cache, bookmarks to Bata himself more box of letters in the Documents and Settings folder, where they are further depends on the configuration of the program. If you copy the entire folder, the windows license key worse you will not from this, but then his old man will show exactly the same arrangement of shortcuts on the desktop, as well as all bookmarks in the browser.

1.3 take the drive with you liked the Assembly puts in drive, the default boot from drives off (must be enabled in order to boot from the disk with Windows in order to install windows) in order to boot from the disk, go into bios by pressing del button keyboard when you restart (on laptops and some possible factor f2 button is responsible for entry in the BIOS Click something from this and the BIOS will appear).

Pressing need when the computer turns on and only visible black screen and table sorts, go to advanced setup and boot device priority and select first downloading microsoft windows key sale the CD-ROM and the second with the hdd. Next, press f10.

1.4 Reboot and now we should start spinning disk and the Welcome screen appears, in which there is a line to install windows XP SP3 in the automatic mode or something similar,

depends on Assembly, push-install Windows in silent mode, and see before a blue screen with a line at the bottom that says what the driver is now loaded.

We are waiting for all the drivers to load, then the system prompts you to select where to install windows on a hard drive partition, select the partition to install S:\. Section C: \ When you install the best format, it’s such a de facto standard in order to properly install windows xp sp3 and not only xp. Less then there will be problems.

Next, choose a quick format with NTFS and all on this our intervention into our proper installation of windows XP SP3 is almost finished.

First, the system copies the files, and then restarts, another window will appear more civil, where will pisatsja all sorts of slogans, why you need Windows with a third Service Pack and why she is the best, at the same time, the system is installed. The time that is required to install this Assembly about 40 minutes on an average computer. Drivers are installed automatically, so once installed with their problems should arise, of course, if it’s not a laptop. At the same time there must be installed all sorts of gadgets for windows tweaks, net framework 3.5, and other packages to work properly. Further software installation package on disk asks you to select the program to be installed in a special box, default checkboxes are on the most popular, select the desired program click Next here, our article on how to properly install windows xp sp3 is suitable to a logical end.

1.5 what to do next? You novoispechennuju a copy of windows xp sp3, I usually average workload, VINDA killed half a year is a year. If you wish, you can repeat this procedure for better absorption rate, and you can practice your friends or relatives on their computers for a smoother effect installation.

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