How to check the Windows product key

You have lost Windows product key? It requires reinstalling Windows and in some other cases. This article will tell you how to check the Windows product key, even if your computer is not working.

Download program to validate the product key. The most popular of these are the ProduKey and KeyFinder.
Both programs can be downloaded for free version of Keyfinder perfectly cope with Windows product key validation.
Download programs from sites their developers to windows 10 product key 2016 protect themselves from viruses and malware. Windows Product key is produced by NirSoft, and-Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder.
If your antivirus program is triggered on the KeyFinder, make sure you have downloaded the utility from the official site, and then install it.

Run the program. Displays a list of systems that can be tested by the product key. Use this list to select your version of Windows.
You can also use buy windows 10 product key online the program to verify the product key of Microsoft Office.

The product key will be displayed in the “product key” or “CD key”. Windows product key sale consists of 25 characters divided into five groups (five characters in each). [1]

Checking non-computer

Create Bootable USB flash drive Linux to download her computer with a broken system (or damaged hard disk). You will need 1 + GB of Flash drive and another computer to create on it a bootable USB flash drive. Create a bootable USB drive will erase all data.
Download the free utility UNetbootin, which you will create a bootable USB flash drive.
Start UNetbootin. In the menu “select” Distro Ubuntu “and” version “menu-the latest version of the distribution. If you have a 64-bit computer, select the 64-bit version.
“Bearer” menu, windows product key buy select “USB flash drive” and “disk” menu, select the drive letter of your USB flash drive. Click OK to start the process.
Unetbootin download Ubuntu and write this on a USB flash drive to make it bootable. This process will take some time (especially if you have a slow Internet connection).

Insert a bootable USB flash drive in a faulty computer and turn it on. Go to BIOS and set the first boot device to USB flash drive.
In the window that appears on the menu screen, select “run Ubuntu without installing.

windows license key

Loading the system, open the file manager and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\. Locate the folder “Config”, and copy it to a USB flash drive (folder size-not more than 300 Mb).
Before copying a flash drive, create a folder “System32” folder and copy the “Config”.

Connect the USB flash drive to the correct computer. Download ProduKey (see previous section).

Run ProduKey and click “file”-“Select source” Download windows product keys for sale from the outside of the Windows directory, and then select the Flash Drive folder “System32”. Windows product key will be displayed on the screen.
Windows product key consists of 25 characters divided into five groups (five characters in each).

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